About Us

Young people are critical to Maine’s long range prosperity and quality of life. Therefore, we need to increase the number of young people (age 20-40) and change the perception that there is a lack of professional and personal opportunities in Maine. To accomplish this, the Realize Maine Network connects young people with opportunities to realize their professional, social, and civic aspirations in Maine.
In order to accomplish its mission, Realize Maine works to achieve the following goals:
• Create opportunities for likeminded Maine-based organizations to share best practices, share resources and collaborate.
• Celebrate the work and accomplishments of young people in Maine.
• Raise awareness about career, civic and social opportunities for young people in Maine.
• Add value to other programs and initiatives that benefit young people in Maine.
• Inform policy makers about issues affecting young people in Maine. 


The Realize Maine Network initiative was the outcome of Governor John Baldacci’s Summit on Youth Migration in June 2004. The Summit brought together over 300 young Mainers to discuss ideas, opportunities and solutions for making Maine a viable place for young people to live, work and thrive. In 2005, Realize Maine became a program of the Maine Development Foundation (MDF). The program received catalytic three-year start-up funding in 2006 from the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation through a Strategic Philanthropic Partnership with MDF. The program took new shape in 2010 and became an autonomous and self-sustaining network with MDF partnering with the Realize Maine Network. The Realize Maine Network is run by an energetic and creative group of steering committee members that comprise young people from across the state of Maine.


To strengthen the relationships among organizations working to attract young people in Maine, empower them to reach their greatest career and civic potentials, and create opportunities to keep them living, working and thriving in Maine.


We are the premier organization in Maine for young workers and their families, and we are dedicated to creating positive change for this demographic at the local, regional and state levels. We are group of young people from York to Presque Isle that have banded together to:
• Attract and retain young professionals throughout Maine
• Provide professional, civic, social and educational opportunities for young people here
• Get our generation connected to valuable resources and contacts
• Be a voice for young Mainers on issues ranging from sustainable growth in the state to public policy that affects us
• Serve as the driving force for addressing the needs of young people in Maine
Our interconnected group is recognized across the state as the most respected network for all issues concerning Maine’s young population.