Regional Groups

At the center of the Realize Maine Network are the affiliated regional groups that are located across the state of Maine. The regional groups within the Realize Maine Network offerings are as diverse and vibrant as the Maine regions they serve. Groups organize events ranging widely from happy hours, foodie gatherings, outdoor excursions and art shows to professional development seminars, political forums and educational luncheons with industry and policy experts. Some groups offer programs to directly connect young people to civic and volunteer opportunities in their communities. Other groups offer programs to support local entrepreneurs and downtown businesses.

While most groups are free to join or have no formal membership structure, other groups offer exclusive membership benefits and charge a small annual fee. Every regional group has a website, Facebook page and/or email list to help keep people informed and engaged. For more information about the affiliates of the Realize Maine Network, check out the contact and website links listed below.

Name:Fusion BangorArea Served:Greater BangorWebsite:www.fusionbangor.comE-mail:info@fusionbangor.comSocial Networking:Name:PROPELArea Served:Greater PortlandWebsite:www.propelportland.orgE-mail:info@propelportland.orgSocial Networking:   
Name:Midcoast MagnetArea Served:Rockland/MidcoastWebsite:www.midcoastmagnet.comE-mail:info@midcoastmagnet.comSocial Networking:   Name:Uplift LAArea Served:Lewiston/Auburn Metropolitan AreaWebsite:www.upliftlamaine.comE-mail:jenny@androscoggincounty.comSocial Networking:   
Name:KV ConnectArea Served:Greater WatervilleWebsite:www.kvconnect.orgE-mail:info@kvconnect.orgSocial Networking:Name:SparkArea Served:Lincoln CountyE-mail:lincolncountyspark@gmail.comSocial Networking:
Name:CynergyArea Served:Greater AugustaSocial Networking:Name:Midcoast EdgeArea Served:Bath, Brunswick, Tophsam & Freeport AreaWebsite:www.midcoastedge.comE-mail:midcoastedge@midcoastmaine.comSocial Networking:   
Name:Synergize SandfordArea Served:York Networking: